Types of Massage

Philosophy of a Good Massage Therapist:

The true practice of the art of healing in traditional Thai massage is the compassionate intent of the healer. The Buddhist spiritual practices associated with Thai massage cultivate humility, awareness, and concentration in the healer designed to bring the practitioner to a deeper level of awareness of oneself and the client. This compassionate state of being is termed “metta”, which usually translates as “loving kindness”.

Types of MassageChoose Your Type of Massage:

Traditional Thai Massage ( The King’s Yoga ) – Invigorating

Thai Massage OceansideThe client remains clothed. The therapist uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet. In this process, joints are opened, muscles and tendons are stretched and energy is balanced. The overall effect leaves you relaxed, refreshed and ready to go.

Thai Massage is generally done on a mat instead of a table. This allows the therapist to get the necessary body leverage needed for the stretches and Yoga-like positions used in Thai Massage.

Thai Combo Massage

Perhaps our most popular massage. Thai Massage combined with Deep Tissue techniques on neck, shoulders and back.

Deep-Tissue-Massage-OceansideDeep Tissue Massage – Gets the Knots Out

Deep tissue massage incorporates more focused penetrating techniques to help relax tight or knotted muscles. Improves flexibility and movement.

A deep tissue massage is a therapeutic type of massage for clients dealing with chronic pain, are recovering from injury, or someone who participates in heavy physical activity on a regular basis. During a broad portion of the massage, deep pressure is maintained on a area to relieve the muscle tissue from binding up and creating “knots”.

Swedish Massage – Pure Relaxation 

Swedish Massage OceansideUsing oil with light to medium pressure, soothes sore muscles and releases tension. Swedish Massage is a very relaxing massage. Unlike Thai Massage – very energetic with stretching and joint manipulation or Deep Tissue Massage works deeper troubled areas which can be uncomfortable. A massage often requested, it is the ideal massage for complete relaxation.




Senior Woman Having Massage In SpaPain – Stiffness – Tension

Good Therapeutic Massage will Help


 Choose Your Treatment – Choose Your Time

Assure Your Comfort – Appointments Recommended

At Royal Thai, Minutes Paid for Equals Contact Time with Therapist

  • Hot towels included with all secessions


 Aroma Therapy,  Special Liniments and Use of Clean Thai Style Pajamas Available.

Massage Type60 Min90 Min
Thai Massage$99$135
Deep Tissue Massage$85$120
Thai Combo$85$120
Sports Massage$85$120
Swedish Massage$85$120


Monday – Saturday: 10am to 8pm

     Sunday:  11am to 7:30pm


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Oceanside

Swedish Massage is one of the most common types of massage in the U.S. This massage is often chosen for pure relaxation and to reduce stress, pain and even joint stiffness.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Oceanside

Deep Tissue massage  incorporates more focused penetrating techniques on the muscles below your superficial fascia (top muscles). For more chronic issuses such as pulled  Muscles and Tendons,  knotted Muscles, and Arthritis.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Oceanside

Sports Massage targets specific muscles and tendons for pre-event enhancement. Also, after event muscle calming, encouraging  healing, and ease of  disability pain. Often used by athletes, this is the fast road to recovery for  physical activity.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Oceanside

Thai Massage is an energetic combination of yoga stretching, with the calmness of meditation, acupressure, exercise movement and reflexology that makes it a healing art. The overall effect leaves you relaxed, refreshed and ready to go.

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